Blended coffee for amazing flavor profiles that delivers rich, balanced flavor with every sip. Blended coffee for amazing flavor profiles that delivers rich, balanced flavor with every sip.

Single-Origin Coffee

Premium specialty coffee imported from equatorial countries with complex, deep and rich flavors
Explore Single-Origin Coffees

Premium Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopian Oromiyaa

This attractive Ethiopian coffee originates from the Gedeb district. It's round and crisp, leaving you excited for that next sip. This coffee is hand sorted from the moment over 400 farmers deliver their cherries to the Worka Haro washing station. From there it’s fermented for 48 hours and then dried for up to 15 days on raised beds. Hand sorting once again improves quality making this coffee truly delightful.

Guatemalan Peña Blanca

Finca Los Angeles was formed in 1980 and since then their coffee is grown on 98 out of the 120 hectares that encompass the farm. Shade trees covered a lot of their land to protect the Bourbon and Caturra.

Colombian Sotará

We think you'll agree with us that Colombian Sotará is a delicious and easy drinking coffee from farmer Jose Elmer Olaya. The flavors are clean and juicy, with a pleasant herbal depth that balances the classic notes of chocolate and caramel.

Premium coffee blends for every taste.

Blending coffee is honed skill that brings together coffee beans from different origins to enhance the best flavor profiles of each. By analyzing the best attributes, you're able create a coffee that is balanced and consistent but also repeatable and consistent year-round.

Mahogany Road

A great dark roast features a heavy body to reveal deeper, dark flavors. This is fantastic coffee with milk and sugar or straight black. Never bitter, and always smooth with a big body. If dark roasts are your thing, then check out our Mahogany Road.

Crescent Ridge Blend

This wonderfully balanced blend is full of rich caramel and milk chocolate notes, citrus-like acidity, and a touch of smoke from our Mahogany Road.

Viennese Estate

This blend came about after months of trying to land on an espresso blend that was the perfect balance of a rich cocoa body, dried fruit, and crisp citrus notes. This blend was developed for espresso but is a wonderfully rich and dynamic drip coffee also.

Sunrise Scout

Delicate yet flavorful, without giving up any complexity. We consider it our floating blend made up of the same geographical regions.

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